Breed Handling 9:30am

 in Gasport, NY

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays

​Family Manners Obedience 

Call for schedle

Wednesday Nights


Adults only 1st Wed.

4-H Obedience 2nd Wed

4-H Rally 3rd Wed.

4-H Showmanship 4th Wed

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Karen loves learning from her canine friends. Showing and training dogs have been a lifelong passion.  She lives with Parker, Jackson and Colette who make her laugh every day.  Come meet them and have fun at Harmony Dog Training.

Training for a happy & complete family.

Harmony Dog Training

Harmony Dog Training in 2017

Harmony Dog Training 
a division of Newfangled Business Enterprises, LLC
8466 Mountain Rd.
Gasport, NY  14067
716 638-1211

"I understand that people come with many different needs and questions when it comes to their dog and family.  That is why each client is treated with personal attention.  If a class setting or if scheduling makes it difficult for you to participate, I am willing to train in your home at your convenience."Karen
Harmony Dog Training is my dream job!  I get to work with dogs every day, learning, laughing and playing while discovering new and interesting canine talents.  I created Harmony Dog Training in 2011 after moving to Western NY from CT.  After decades of several professional careers, it was time to move out to the country and start to design a new one.  My true talent is teaching.  I love to teach people about their dogs and watch them begin to start a new form of communication.  Harmony Dog Training was created to help people and dogs to live harmoniously together.


Saturday afternoons

Puppy socials occasionally throughout NIagara County - call for dates and times


Breed Handling 10am

in Gasport, NY

Family Manners Obedience evening - Clarence, NY

Karen Drumm

Positive Reinforcement Trainer and Handler

Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers

​Insured and Bonded