Barn Hunt class is 1 hr of fun and games with straw bales and rats.  Give your dog a chance to find a rat in our humane rat tubes (no dog/rat contact) buried among bales of straw and go through a tunnel.  Its a great game and fun for both dog and owner.  Barn Hunt class is taught by Margot Wagner

Breed Handling class is designed to help both handlers and dogs perform in the show ring.  Class can offer experience to a young dog just learning the behaviors needed in the ring or it can provide skill development for the owner handler.  

Harmony's large training room is perfect for the larger gaiting dogs as well as the smaller petite terriers and toys.  ​

Many of Harmony's students have achieved Championships, Best of Breed and Group wins and International titles. 

4-H Dog Program at Harmony
Competition Obedience and Educational Seminars offered

Karen,  and other volunteer teachers,  work with Niagara County young adults interested in dog training.  The program is run by the Cornell Cooperative Extension residing at the Niagara County Fair Ground site. We set our sites on canine education and competing at our local County Fair and then continuing onto the New York State Fair.  

Dogs young, old, mixed breeds, purebreds, rescues and others all need to learn family manners.  Harmony Dog Training uses Positive Reinforcement training methods.

Breed Handling Class 


Harmony Dog Training

The Harmony Score

 Harmony Dog Training requires all dogs who attend activities at our training center to have a current Rabies, Parvo & Distemper vaccination. Please bring proof of these vaccinations when you come to Harmony.
If you need to update any vaccines before you come to class - please check your files. Also a proof of current titer is required if you choose other vaccination procedures.

Other services offered by Harmony

Professional Show Handling

Junior Showmanship Coaching

Special Events and Educational Programs - keep your eyes open for these special presentations.

Fees for all services available upon request.

Family Manners Obedience 1&2

A 7 or 8 week obedience class for all ages covering: Look, Sit, Down, Jumping Up, Stay, Leave it, Walking on a Loose Leash and Come.  Other behaviors are discussed based on class interests.